TP-mindful-1The Mindfulness In Nature program will be held each Sunday, 8-9:45 am.

Meet at the Visitor Center (Lodge).

The Mindfulness In Nature program is an invitation to clear your mind, refresh your body and sink into the heart of nature as Torrey Pines Reserve begins a new day. The program blends the valuable interpretation, history and science of the traditional nature walks offered by the Docent Society with a sensory experience that allows you to deepen your personal connection to the land.

Mindfulness In Nature is held Sundays, rain or shine, from 8-10 am. The program begins at the Visitor Center /Lodge, includes a guided nature walk to one of Torrey Pine’s awe-inspiring lookout points, and concludes with a few minutes of quiet to give you time to let your senses expand and bathe in the beauty of the morning.

Please arrive early for an 8 am start. No need to sign up. See you in the Reserve!

Here is a link to a Torrey Pines Association video on Mindfulness in Nature