Group Field Trips

Group Field Trips and Hikes – Non-school Programs

Please note:   Free public hikes offered on Saturdays, Sundays & holidays are not available for large groups to join in and are limited to about 10 people.  Any organized group must schedule at least 3 weeks ahead. Please refer to the page on Special Events.

Scouts and Senior Groups

We offer a very limited number of weekday afternoon programs for small groups of scouts or seniors for a nominal fee of $25 from Labor Day through Memorial Day. Summer programs may be available for an additional fee.  Scout programs can be tailored to badge requirements.  Seniors enjoy nature at a pace that suits them. Please click here for the request packet for a program at least three weeks in advance.  Scout or senior groups that would like to visit on a weekend or independently must arrange a permit using option #3 (scouts) or #6 (seniors) or may book a Special Walk, option #5.

Please note: Anyone conducting business (profit or non-profit) within the Reserve (photographers, personal trainers, guides, etc), regardless of group size, must obtain a permit by contacting Julia Miura at 619-688-3385 or