Interest Groups

Interest Groups formed to Assist TPSNR

The Torrey Pines Association was founded in 1950 by Guy Fleming. Its purpose was to unite people interested in the protection of the tree. The Association was, and still is, involved in conservation of the Torrey pine and in serving as watchdogs of the area. Today they are known for their work in the acquisition of the Extension, lobbying for protection of the tree, supporting special projects for the welfare of the tree, providing funds for the enhancement of buildings and trails, supporting the purchase and maintenance of educational materials and furnishings, providing memorial gifts, and sponsoring publications concerning the Reserve.

The Torrey Pines Wildlife Association came into existence in 1965. Their purpose was to be involved with public education, scientific observation, and conservation. A group of the Association known as “lodge sitters” was the predecessor of the Docent Society.

The Torrey Pines Docent Society was started in 1975 under the guidance and training of Ranger Linda Engel. As an organization of volunteer nature guides, its members–just as they are now–were dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the natural features of the park. In addition to staffing the Visitor Center, members also give nature walks and do special projects. Some of these projects have included making a commercial for the State Park System “Year of the Volunteer” in 1980, helping to fund a cable series on State Parks, publishing books, producing postcards, and designing museum displays. – Judy Schulman