Lindavista Formation

Red Butte – Lindavista Formation

The Lindavista Formation is the hard red rock on top of the flat areas in the Reserve. It is green dotted on the geology map. It resists erosion more than the Torrey Sandstone under it so it acts as a cap rock, protecting the softer rock. Red Butte is a small remaining piece of the Lindavista that had connected with the layer that the Lodge sits on. The road cut between the Fleming Trail and High Point shows the Lindavista over the Torrey Sandstone.

About a million years ago, the ocean cut a marine terrace into the Torrey Sandstone. The cobbles along the base of the Lindavista helped the cutting just as similar cobbles on the beach today help the ocean cut into present cliffs. The Lindavista was deposited as the ocean retreated. It has both marine shells and land fossils from streams. The rock is red because the sandstone is cemented with iron oxide.

When the Lindavista erodes, marble sized concretions are left on top of the rock because they are more resistant to erosion than the rest of the rock. The concretions were formed by cycles of solution and deposition like the larger concretions in the Torrey Sandstone.

Lindavista overlying
Torrey Sandstone

Concretion marbles from
Lindavista Formation