Why No Drones?

Why are drones not allowed in the Reserve?

Thank you for your question.
Remote control craft of all types are banned from the Reserve.

We have such a wide reaching ban because of the protected nature of Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. As you may know, Torrey Pines SNR is one of only 16 Natural Reserves within the approx. 300 units that make up the CA State Park System. The “Natural Reserve” designation is given only to this handful of places specially selected and managed for the purpose of preserving their native ecological association, unique faunal or floral characteristics, geological features, and scenic qualities in a condition of undisturbed integrity. A Posted Order signed by our Superintendent classifies remote aircraft as a violation of CCR4319 “unsafe games” at Torrey Pines SNR because it was determined likely to violate CCR4305 “all animals protected”, 4306 “all plants protected”, 4307 “all geologic features protected”, 4308 “all archeologic features protected” and/or 4320 “noise”.

Drone flight IS permitted by the agencies north and south of our Reserve. The north boundary is at 6th St. in Del Mar and the southern boundary is the Glider Port.

Thank you,
Dylan Hardenbrook, Supervising Ranger
CA State Parks
Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve